AIDS vaccine candidate appears to completely clear virus from the body

September 12, 2013

An HIV/AIDS vaccine candidate developed by researchers at Oregon Health & Science University appears to have the ability to completely clear …Click Here to Read More

Embryonic stem cells produced in living adult organism

September 11, 2013

A team from the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) has become the first to make adult cells from a …Click Here to Read More

TSRI California Scientists Solve Century-Old Chemistry Problem

September 11, 2013

Chemists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have found a way to apply a “foundational reaction” of organic chemistry to …Click Here to Read More

Bolton Medical Appoints New General Manager

September 11, 2013

Guillermo Portabella has been appointed the new General Manager of Bolton Medical, Inc., a Florida medical device manufacturer of endovascular …Click Here to Read More

Scripps Research Institute Study Suggests Possibility of Selectively Erasing Unwanted Memories

September 11, 2013

The human brain is exquisitely adept at linking seemingly random details into a cohesive memory that can trigger myriad associations—some …Click Here to Read More

New RNA processing pathway important in human embryonic stem cells

September 10, 2013

Scientists at the Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS), in collaboration with their counterparts from Canada, Hong Kong and US, have …Click Here to Read More

Scientists use DNA to assemble a transistor from graphene

September 9, 2013

DNA is the blueprint for life. Could it also become the template for making a new generation of computer chips …Click Here to Read More

Cancer vaccine begins Phase I clinical trials

September 7, 2013

A cross-disciplinary team of scientists, engineers, and clinicians started a Phase I clinical trial of an implantable vaccine to treat …Click Here to Read More

New method for turning genes on and off could enable more complex synthetic biology circuits.

September 4, 2013

MIT researchers have shown that they can turn genes on or off inside yeast and human cells by controlling when …Click Here to Read More

No adverse effects in volunteers following Phase I clinical trial of AIDS vaccine

September 3, 2013
life sciences

Sumagen Canada Inc and Western University announced today that the Phase I Clinical Trial (SAV CT 01) of the first …Click Here to Read More