Burnham Researchers Discover On Switch for Cell Death Signaling Mechanism

January 6, 2009

LA JOLLA, Calif., January 5, 2009– Scientists at Burnham Institute for Medical Research have determined the structure of the interactions between proteins that form the heart of the death inducing signaling complex (DISC), which is responsible for triggering apoptosis (programmed cell death).

Florida Creates a Life Sciences Hub

April 15, 2008

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Florida among top five regions targeting biotech

February 20, 2008

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Burnham Researchers Illuminate Complex Mechanisms that Regulate DNA Damage Control and Replication in the Cell Cycle

January 5, 2008

LA JOLLA, Calif., January 5, 2008—Scientists at Burnham Institute for Medical Research have demonstrated important new roles for the protein kinase complex Cdc7/Dbf4 or Cdc7/Drf1 (Ddk) in monitoring damage control during DNA replication and reinitiating replication following DNA repair. Since Ddk is often deregulated in human cancers, this new understanding of its role in DNA damage control could help shape new cancer therapies.

Patenting Life by Michael Crichton

February 28, 2007

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