BP Biofuels in Florida

March 14, 2012

by +Mike Poller – - BP Biofuels in Highlands County (formerly known as Vercipia Biofuels) is expected to be the first commercial scale cellulosic biofuel plant using dedicated energy grass. 3,500 acres of former degraded pasture land has been prepared with 1,500 acres of energy grass planted. The farm is planned to reach 20,000 acres. Biofuel production facility construction is expected to start this year off SR 70 west of Lake Okeechobee. And they’re hiring an HSSE Manager now.

BP Florida expects to produce & deliver 36 million gallons per year and will be a first-of-its-kind commercial scale cellulosic biofuel production facility using readily abundant energy grass feedstock such as energy cane. Of course, 600 to 800 jobs are promised in construction, with 150 to 200 to run the plant. Download fact sheet.

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