by +Mike Poller – - 2G CENERGY Power Systems Technologies received more US based orders during the past few months than during the entire fiscal years of 2010 and 2011 combined. Based on that significant development, 2G decided to establish a U.S. production facility in St. Augustine, Florida, where it will start to produce its advanced biogas CHP (combined heat & power) clean energy conversion systems for all North & South American markets. The decision is considered to be a major component of the company’s overall U.S. strategy to enforce its customer service commitment, further increasing its competitiveness, and rapidly growing its American customer base.

“The U.S. biogas market is an important part of our group strategy and we are now very vigorously accessing that market,” said Michael Turwitt, President & CEO of 2G-CENERGY. “The 2G Group will be extremely active here, and this new U.S. manufacturing plant represents a milestone in 2G’s history. Our growing number of U.S. orders justifies this multi-million dollar investment. We are already very successfully selling our modular biogas CHP systems all over the U.S., and this new production site will play a key role. Advanced and all-in-one CHP modules are an important prerequisite for the implementation of new biogas projects. We noticed a clear shift in the market from outdated technologies created in the 1970’s and 80’s towards modern commercially available and proven systems. These new standards have a positive impact on new biogas projects and therefore many U.S. developers are now aiming to bring more of those projects online, which are much more comparable to the thousands of biogas facilities proven to be very reliable and adequate from a technological and commercial point of view,” he added. Most of these projects are at dairy and livestock farms, municipal waste management facilities, as well as waste water treatment plants and organic waste disposal sites in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Maine, New Jersey, Washington, Oregon, California, and the Carolinas.

“This new manufacturing plant is a significant step forward in achieving our goals for the U.S. biogas market and a clear sign of the 2G Group’s commitment to all North & South American customers. Today’s decision is a fundamental part of our new strategic direction in the U.S.,” said Christian Grotholt, President & CEO of 2G Energy AG in Germany. “St. Augustine, FL is an excellent fit for 2G, having an exceptional quality of life and a long manufacturing tradition. This is a significant investment which positions 2G to maintain its leadership role, and I am thrilled to announce that St. Augustine will be the
home of 2G Manufacturing Inc., Grotholt added.

The company purchased a 60,000 square feet facility in the St. Augustine Interstate Commercial Park, located at the I-95/CR-20812 intersection, as well as the adjacent lot for future expansion. The 10-acre site is perfectly located. With the new plant, 2G will bring about 125 new jobs to the area, and will add a significant number of career opportunities in related sectors. This decision will also raise the overall 2G Group production capacity in anticipation of solid growth and increased demand for advanced thermodynamical, output-optimized biogas cogeneration CHP (combined heat and power) modules, with a high degree of electrical and thermal energy efficiency. The production capacity for this new facility will be
gradually increased.

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