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Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine Helps Treat Complex Cancers, Solve Medical Mysteries

August 23, 2013

Mayo Clinic launches its Individualized Medicine Clinic at its Florida campus. To help Mayo Clinic physicians and researchers usher in a new …Click Here to Read More

New Molecule to Target in Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

January 4, 2013

Researchers at Mayo Clinic in Florida have identified a new target to improve treatment of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cancer, which …Click Here to Read More

Biological Pathway That Controls the Leakiness of Blood Vessels

December 20, 2012

A research team led by scientists at Mayo Clinic in Florida has decoded the entire pathway that regulates leakiness of …Click Here to Read More

Mayo Clinic researchers identify enzyme linked to prostate cancer

December 18, 2012

Researchers at Mayo Clinic Florida have identified an enzyme specifically linked to aggressive prostate cancer, and have also developed a …Click Here to Read More

Toxic Interaction in Neurons that Leads to Dementia and ALS

December 11, 2012

Mayo Clinic Florida researchers have uncovered a toxic cellular process by which a protein that maintains the health of neurons …Click Here to Read More

Mayo Clinic IDs Genes That Predict Whether Trastuzumab Will Work for Breast Cancer Patients

December 7, 2012

Adding the drug trastuzumab to chemotherapy prevents cancer recurrence and improves survival in a large number of women with early …Click Here to Read More

Protein Test Predicts Rate of Progression in Lou Gehrig’s Disease

November 20, 2012

A novel test that measures proteins from nerve damage that are deposited in blood and spinal fluid reveals the rate …Click Here to Read More

Florida Researchers Identify New Enzyme To Fight Alzheimer’s Disease

September 19, 2012

An enzyme that could represent a powerful new tool for combating Alzheimer’s disease has been discovered by researchers at Mayo …Click Here to Read More

Mayo Clinic Opens Florida Biobank to Research Kidney Cancer, Other Diseases

September 17, 2012

by +Mike Poller – -Today’s researchers have a new set of tools to help uncover the roots of human disease …Click Here to Read More

$7 Million to Mayo Clinic to Name Medical Simulation Center

September 7, 2012

Motivated by their commitment to better the Jacksonville community and improve the lives of its citizens, J. Wayne and Delores …Click Here to Read More