UPDATE #2: Link to video of 1/22/13 Senate Commerce & Tourism Committee Skip ahead to about the 70:00 mark

UPDATE: This meeting will be streaming live at http://thefloridachannel.org WEB CHANNEL #2 at 3:30pm today

by +Mike Poller – Today at 3:30pm the Florida Senate Committee on Commerce and Tourism holds a meeting to hear from Gray Swoope, Pres & CEO of Enterprise Florida. Swoope is scheduled to discuss the amount of economic development incentives, the recipients of incentives, and what the state receives in return. Life Sciences is one of six “qualified targeted industries for incentives.”

Now, this is where Florida’s biothech business begins to take center stage… (Links are to PDFs that will be presented to the Senate Committee)

After Swoope’s presentation, the Committee turns to the start-up business environment in Florida with a presentation by Jack Sullivan, Jr., President/CEO of the Florida Research Consortium. Sullivan addresses the “Valley of Death” and how Florida’s VC and seed funding share is shrinking.

Next up is Jamie Grooms, CEO of the Florida Institute for the Commercialization of Public Research. Grooms uses four companies to highlight success of the program. Three of the four are life sciences companies; Prevacus, KeriCure and GLG Pharma. Part of Grooms’ presentation compares Florida’s public investment level with that of competing states, in an effort to squeeze more juice out of the Senate.

University of Florida Office of Technology Licensing is next at the podium explaining how ideas go from lab to market. Two of the three companies highlighted are biotechs: AGTC and Axogen. Shadow Health and the Sid Martin Biotech Incubator are also mentioned.

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