Vaxil BioTherpeutics is developing ImMucin, a therapeutic vaccine to treat cancer, which was identified using the company’s proprietary technology, VaxHit. ImMucin is a peptide vaccine derived from a unique sequence contained in the MUC1 tumor associated antigen which is present in 90% of all tumors. ImMucin educates the patient’s immune system to identify and destroy cancer cells where the MUC1 marker is present.

Vaxil is currently evaluating ImMucin in a Phase I/II clinical trial in Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem in patients with Multiple Myeloma (a hematological cancer). A condition for enrollment in the study is that patients should be experiencing a gradual re‐emergence of disease after a period of remission. Up to fifteen patients will be enrolled in the study; to date ten have been treated. The results of the interim report which are reported in recent regulatory filings, relate to seven patients who had finished the treatment with ImMucin.

Interim results suggest that ImMucin has a very high safety profile. No side effects were observed with the exception of minor local irritation which all resolved themselves within 24 hours without the need for any additional treatment or medical intervention. In addition, ImMucin generated a robust and specific immune response (of CD4+ and CD8+ T cells) in all patients which was observed after only 2‐4 doses of the vaccine our of a maximum of 12 doses.

In some patients, preliminary signs of clinical efficacy were observed, including the stabilization or decrease of the disease markers, and a decrease in overall disease load as measured by the percentage of plasma cells in the patient’s bone marrow at one month following the end of treatment as compared with prior to commencement of treatment. Of patients analyzed in the interim report, three are in complete response following ImMucin treatment.

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