by +Mike Poller – - From the Palm Beach Post: The Jupiter town council will meet tonight 2/21/12 to discuss a $30,000 grant to Project Cube, a North Dakota biotech. This is intended to augment $120,000 from the state to attract the company. I have found no trace of Project Cube online or in ND state corporate records or there would be a link here for you… (Nothing in South Dakota either) Closest thing I find in the secretary of state records is Project Cure which collects and donates medical supplies to areas in need. There is nothing on the NDSU Life Sciences website either.

Also under discussion will be a $350,000 loan guaranty for Akron Biotechnology. All funds will come from Jupiter’s biotech fund.

2/22/12 Update: According to this Palm Beach Post report, the grant to Project Cube and the loan guarantee to Akron were both approved.

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  • bob says:

    I also found nothing online about this company after reading the article in today’s Palm Beach Post….

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