Over the past decade Florida has leapt ahead of the competition to establish itself as the new location for life sciences innovation and industry growth. Florida is now home to the 2nd fastest growing biotech industry in the U.S., 2nd among states for FDA registered medical device manufacturing facilities and 5th for pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing businesses. Florida also boasts world-renowned R&D institutes including Scripps, Sanford-Burnham, Torrey Pines, VGTI, and Max Planck.

Florida’s nearly 900 biotech, pharma and medical device companies employ some 26,000 industry professionals. This rich talent base is enhanced by the state’s more than 700,000 health care professionals. Many of these professionals work at one of Florida’s several growing life sciences hubs, including Lake Nona Medical City, Tradition Center for Innovation, UM Life Science and Technology Park, Florida Hospital Health Village and UF Innovation Hub.

Across the state, life sciences businesses benefit from the state’s welcoming business climate, its world-class health care system and its strengths in clinical trials and translational medicine.

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  • Bob Nagro says:

    Gray, I want Florida Life Sciences to be as successful as you do, but we should stop fooling ourselves into thinking we are doing well. We are not. What we have is the potential to be successful, but we have a lot of hard work to make that happen, and the first step is to be realistic about where we are in comparison to our competition. Check out my blog on SouthFloridaLifeScienceInformation.com for a discussion of those numbers. You could also read Doug Poretz’s comments of today on Nancy Dahlberg’s blog in the Miami Herald – http://miamiherald.typepad.com/the-starting-gate/

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