Reading between the lines, this Palm Beach Post story seems to indicate that Florida’s biotech industry is poised for job growth:

While Scripps’ Department of Neuroscience is a sea of empty lab space now, Davis hopes to hire as many as 150 scientists who will study memory and learning. That’s exactly the sort of large-scale hiring former Gov. Jeb Bush and Palm Beach County officials were banking on when they spent hundreds of millions of dollars to lure Scripps and Max Planck to open labs in Florida…

And while Sakmann has succeeded at hiring European scientists for his lab, he says Americans with doctoral degrees want to go to bustling biotech hubs in Boston, San Francisco and San Diego.

“It’s very difficult to lure the American students to Florida,” Sakmann says. “I’m confident that in a year or two we will have a whole scene. But right now, we don’t.”

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