Contrarian on Cuba biotech

September 26, 2010

Investment researcher Doug Casey on Cuban Biotech. Make of it what you will. Original here

I happened to have visited one of the vaunted Cuban biotech centers while I was there; it basically resembled the chem lab of a rural high school in the U.S. But first we must be very careful to distinguish between “health care” and “medical care” (see our conversation on this). The term health care is a fraudulent misnomer. Health is everywhere a strictly personal responsibility, and determined largely by diet and exercise. It was laughable when that fat slob Michael Moore made the argument that the average Cuban was healthier than the average American because of their nationalized doctors and hospitals. He’s right that the average Cuban is much healthier – but it’s solely because he’s got a simple, fresh, low-calorie diet, he necessarily gets a lot of exercise every day, and he’s not taking a half dozen pills every day to assuage every real or imagined pain.

The fact is that medical care in Cuba is about 50 years behind the times. Their technology, and the education of the doctors, is antiquated and primitive. They don’t even have Band-Aids and penicillin, forget about MRI and CAT-scan machines. Cuba is not a good place to get a severe trauma or acute disease – which is where American medical care shines. But the average Cuban is vastly healthier than the average American, for reasons that have almost nothing to do with medical tech.

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