Banyan Biomarkers of Alachua will partner with Emory University through a grant from the National Institutes of Health to measure biomarkers in the blood of traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients. The five-year grant of $2.2 million was awarded to Michael Frankel, MD, Professor of Neurology at Emory School of Medicine, with partners Banyan Biomarkers, Inc., the Medical University of South Carolina, the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Michigan. The research team will study biomarkers in the blood of TBI patients enrolled in the phase III clinical trial, ProTECT III (Progesterone for Traumatic Brain Injury, Experimental Clinical Treatment), which is assessing the efficacy of progesterone in the treatment of TBI.

“We will study the ability of biomarkers to monitor the efficacy of progesterone in this clinical trial,” stated Dr. Frankel. “Ultimately, we envision that biomarkers will have the potential to significantly improve the ability to diagnose a traumatic brain injury and improve clinical outcomes for patients,” stated Andreas Jeromin, PhD, Director of Business Development and Analytical Service Department for Banyan Biomarkers, Inc.

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