The plummeting cost to read a human genome will profoundly affect medicine in our lifetime. Today, I can spit in a test tube, mail it off with a check for $199 and receive a partial read of my DNA. I can learn my ancestry, inheritable conditions and even certain drug sensitivities. It now costs less to get a paternity test that it costs to hire a lawyer to fight about it!

Medicine has always been based on scientific studies of large groups of people. Medical practices and drugs are created to perform well for most of the people, most of the time. Fast, cheap genetic information is changing this model. In the near future, your personal genetic information will guide your personal medical care.

Since the mid 1990s, Florida has become home to more and more researchers and organizations working on the cutting edge of scientific investigation and discovery. They are working on what your genetic information means. They are learning how to collect and analyze this genetic information. In addition, they are learning how to use this new knowledge and information on everything from medical care and disease prevention to using algae and yeast to create fuel from sunlight or garbage.

This site is determined to keep Florida’s researchers up-to-date on what their co-workers, friends and rivals are up to across the state. We keep you current with developments in Tallahassee, the Research Coast and Lake Nona, and serve as a comprehensive listing of Florida’s Biotechnology companies. Finally, we toss in some interesting news from life science labs around the world, just to keep the ideas flowing. We hope you find something interesting, and when you do, please share your thoughts, insight and opinion.

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